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Florida man charged with murder after 8-year-old stepson calls 911 to report him strangling mom


Jason Lindsey

An 8-year-old boy frantically called 911 in a bid to save his mother as she was being strangled by his stepfather, but when police arrived, the mom was dead.

Police arrived to find Tyneel Lindsey unresponsive and covered in blood. They arrested her husband, Jason Lindsey, 36, for second-degree murder, The Orlando Sentinel reported.

The boy’s mother was lying in the master bedroom closet, which a blood-covered Lindsey was emerging from when police got there, The Sentinel said. He told police he had indeed choked and stabbed Tyneel Lindsey – but only in self-defense.

He said she was physically abusive, The Sentinel reported, and that she had stabbed him in the past in a jealous rage.

So when she accused him of cheating and lunged at him with a kitchen knife, he fought back, he told police. The mom cried out for help, which brought her 8-year-old son into the bedroom, where he witnessed her demise.

Lindsey was being held without bond.