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July 20, 2019

Florida city commissioner resigns over face-licking allegations

February 7, 2019
Nancy Oakley resigned Wednesday. (City of Madeira Beach)

A Florida politician has resigned after being accused of groping a former city manager and licking his face.

Nancy Oakley, a Madeira Beach City Commissioner, handed in her notice Tuesday, a week after the state ethics panel voted unanimously to to find her guilty of sexual harassment.


According to the ethics committee, Oakley had been drinking at an all-day fishing tournament in November 2012 when she showed up to an outdoor City Commission meeting. When the deputy city clerk, Cheryl McGrady, attempted to gavel the meeting to begin, Oakley refused, and instead began publicly accusing McGrady of having an affair with then-City Manager Shane Crawford, her boss.

“You need to get that f—king b—h out of here,” (Palladeno) allegedly heard Oakley say.

The meeting eventually was able to get underway, with planning and zoning director Lynn Rosetti stepping up to fill in for McGrady.

When the commission ended for the night, Oakley allegedly walked over to Crawford, “licked…up the side of his neck and face” and grabbed his crotch and buttocks in front of multiple witnesses, according to the ethics committee’s report.

Oakley also allegedly trued to punch McGrady.

Two other city officials, (Marsicano) and (Verdensky) also accused Oakley of licking them.

Crawford said he initially didn’t report Oakley out of fear of losing his job, but said he decided to file a formal complaint when she ran for reelection again in 2017.

She won, and just a few months later joined forces with newly elected Mayor Maggi Black and Commissioner John Douthirt to suspend Crawford.

He accused her of retaliating, and resigned instead of being fired.

“That whole group knew the ethics complaint was pending,’’ Crawford said in May, according to the Miami Herald. “I was wronged and I am not going to sit back and take it any longer.”

Oakley continued insisting her innocence, but handed in her notice anyway. Her term was scheduled to end next month, and she had not filed to run for another term.

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