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Flight instructor takes over, strikes car as small plane makes emergency landing on freeway


Emergency workers stand next to a plane which had to make an emergency landing on Interstate 15. (Matt Herp/AP)

A flight instructor clipped a car and flew under an overpass while making an emergency landing in a small plane on a freeway in Utah on Saturday.

The plane can be seen in photos planted on the right side of Interstate 15 in Riverdale. Miraculously, no one was injured.

Mayra Ramirez and her family were traveling from Idaho to Farmington for a soccer tournament when the plane hit their car from behind. The kids, ages 9 and 5, were sleeping at the time.

"I heard this really loud noise," Ramirez, who was driving, told the Standard-Examiner. "I thought it was a motorcycle but when I looked in the rearview mirror, it was a plane. It was both a little scary and surreal."

Two of the car's windows were shattered and there was minor damage to the top of the vehicle.

A flight instructor took control of the plane from a student pilot when it started having mechanical problems. They had been practicing their landings.

The plane struck a car, but no one was injured.
The plane struck a car, but no one was injured. (Matt Herp/AP)

"The 19-year-old female decided to make an emergency landing on the Interstate," Sgt. John Ely of the Utah Highway Patrol told Good4Utah. "She actually flew underneath the railroad structure there and while doing so she struck a Toyota Camry that had four occupants in it. When the airplane hit the top of it, it blew out the windows in the car."

The plane did not appear to be damaged after the early morning freeway landing.

"Luckily it's the time of day when there wasn't a lot of traffic and so basically it's the only place she could have landed at the time so she made a good decision," Sgt. Ely told Good4Utah.

A tow truck was used to remove the plane, according to the Standard-Examiner.

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