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January 17, 2019

Fired Citi Field scoreboard operator plans to file complaint

May 16, 2018

Longtime Citi Field scoreboard operator Chris Granozio, who was reportedly fired by the team for laughing at off-color jokes, said that he plans to file a complaint for unjust dismissal with the New York City Human Right Commission this week.

The ousted employee told the Daily Mail that he had worked for the Mets since 1996 and isn’t looking for money — just his job back, adding that the team has turned down a meeting with his lawyer.

In a statement to the Daily News, the Mets said they “are committed to maintaining a work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment, and our actions with respect to the employees in question were consistent with that objective.”

The 53-year-old lifelong Mets fan said that on Feb. 16 he and a male coworker were joking around in a scoreboard control room at the ballpark when his colleague started to make jokes that “were vulgar in nature but of a PG-13 level.” The coworker used the word “p—y” during the joke.

Granozio was disturbed by the fact that he was reportedly recorded through a partition by a female coworker who was temporarily housed in an adjacent booth while renovations went on in the main office, and then he — and his colleague — was fired with no notice and without a chance to apologize or any avenue to keep his job.

He did not dispute the jokes were off-color, but Granozio said he never saw another employee and was unaware that there were others around them.

“We would have been profusely apologetic — but we had no idea she was there. Instead, I feel like our privacy was invaded,” Granozio told the Daily Mail.

“I believe that, by firing us, it sets a very dangerous precedent that you can eavesdrop and record in the workplace. It’s an increasingly Orwellian world. It’s very scary and I know that my former colleagues are walking on eggshells because of this,” he continued. “I think the punishment does not fit the crime here — if you can even call it a crime.”

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