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Fire at Rio de Janeiro hospital kills at least 11


A horrifying scene unfolded at a Rio de Janeiro hospital Thursday, as a fire left at least 11 people dead.

The blaze, which started shortly before 6 p.m., was likely caused by a short circuit in a generator, but information hasn’t been confirmed by police yet, and an investigation is still ongoing.

Firefighters were quick to arrive at Badim Hospital, a private facility in northern Rio de Janeiro, according to the Brazilian newspaper O Globo. There were 103 patients at the the time.

Ninety were transferred to nearby hospitals.

Some of the patients, according to the BBC, were staying in the intensive care unit.

A scene recorded by O Globo shows a moment of desperation, when a woman made fell from the third floor after tying several sheets together, hoping to use the improvised rope to escape the heavy smoke and flames.

After she fell, Gigiane dos Santos, who had been visiting a patient in the hospital sent a message asking for help saying, “I tried to jump from the third floor, now I’m all broken up here on the ground. For the love of God, help me.”

Funcionários e pacientes do Hospital Badim estão sendo retirados da unidade por conta do incêndio. #BandNewsFM

Fatima Chavier, who lives near the hospital told Reuters that “many people wanted to jump [out of the hospital].” She added that "here was a lot of smoke, many people screaming. Nurses were there, doctors, trying to get everyone out of there to evacuate.”

Five of the victims have been identified by police. Their ages range from 66 to 90 years old.