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August 20, 2019

Father of three redefines ‘dad bod,’ sheds 92 pounds in just five months

April 18, 2019
Jeremiah Peterson weighed in at 290 lbs. back in 2017, a long way from his current svelte physique.

It’s abs-olutely unbelievable.

Jeremiah Peterson, otherwise known as the Keto Fitness Coach on Instagram, transformed from “Dad bod” to “what a bod!” in just five months — and his story is going viral.


He weighed in at 290 pounds back in 2017, a long way from his current svelte physique.

It was a 2017 family hiking trip in which Peterson, then 40, found himself repeatedly stopping to take a breath, unable to keep up with his wife and three young children that pushed him to change.

Peterson’s story was picked up by Men’s Health in 2018, but has seen renewed interest over the past few days as the subject of countless motivational stories.

“Instead of remembering all the good memories we had made on this trip all I can remember is this one thing that kept playing in my head over and over again,” he posted online, recalling, “I found myself running out of breath and having to take breaks away before my [kids].”

“I reflected on what my life had been,” he told Men’s Health. “I thought about what my life was at that very moment and saw what I wanted my life to be.”

So he did what so many only fantasize about. In just 150 days, Peterson reformed by way of a keto diet, daily hikes and, eventually, five or six days days of weightlifting a week. Oh, and he went cold turkey with alcohol.

By the time five months were up, Peterson hardly resembled his former self, now measuring size 33 in jeans, formerly size 44. “I lost the weight just doing what I love,” he said. “I know it sounds simple and it is, really it is.”

His health and fitness-centered Instagram account now boasts over 93 thousand followers.


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