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Fast food fiend hacks McDonald’s app to order $2,000 worth of Big Macs, McNuggets and McFlurries on someone else’s dime


Someone hacked the McDonald’s app to order $2,000 worth of Big Macs, McNuggets and McFlurries on another man's dime.

He’s not lovin’ it.

A Toronto man discovered his McDonald’s mobile app account was hacked and the thief, or thieves, went on a fast food frenzy and ordered $2,000 worth of meals from different locations in Montreal.

Tech writer Patrick O’Rourke told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that his McDonald’s app was linked to his debit card.

“I was just panicked because that’s a lot of money,” to told CBC News. “It could be one guy who was able to hack my account and he shared it with a bunch of his friends across Montreal, and they all just went on a food spree."

More than 100 meals, totaling $2,034, were ordered by the fraudster for pick-up between April 12 and 18. Artery-clogging items on the receipts included McFlurries, Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets.

All 100 receipts were e-mailed to O’Rourke, but he didn’t notice them for a week because they were funneled to a separate “updates” folder in his inbox. He phoned McDonald’s when he made the discovery, but instead of refunding his money, they told him to reach out to his bank instead.

While O’Rourke’s money was eventually refunded by his bank, he’s not thrilled with the way McDonald’s handled the situation.

“To me, it just seems like a little bit negligent ... like they don’t really care,” he said. “McDonald’s should at least be sending out a mass email to everyone that has the account [to say], ‘Hey, you should reset your password.’”

Several others in Canada have also claimed that their McDonald’s app accounts were hacked and they were cheated out of large sums of money, according to CBC News.