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Fans injured as lightning strikes tree at PGA Tour Championship in Atlanta


Six people were injured by flying debris from a tree that was struck by lightning at a PGA Tour event Saturday in Atlanta, according to local police.

The Associated Press reported that while the tournament was delayed by the thunderstorm, five men and a girl were taking shelter under a tree when lightning struck and shattered it.

Ambulances poured into the club, where 30 players are competing for the FedEx Cup and its $15 million prize.

A police spokesman said all the people injured were alert when taken to the hospital.

The players already had been taken into the clubhouse before the lightning strike.

“There was just a big explosion and then an aftershock so strong you could feel the wind from it,” spectator Brad Uhl of Atlanta told the AP.

The remainder of the third round of the season-ending Tour Championship was ultimately postponed until Sunday morning, with the final round to follow.