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Family, police still searching for mother who went missing while visiting sister in Massachusetts


Jackie Coutinho, 53, was last seen on May 15. (Facebook / Facebook)

A family is reeling after their mother, who was last seen at her sister’s home in Massachusetts, has been missing for nearly a month.

Jackie Coutinho, 53, headed out to her sister Angela’s backyard in Hinsdale on May 15 to look at some birds, her stepdaughter Jessica Bryan told Dateline Monday. Yet just 15 minutes later, when Angela went to check on her, she was nowhere to be found.

“There have been no leads or traces of her,” a GoFundMe page created by her daughters and stepdaughters read.

While Hinsdale Police Chief Susan Rathbun could not be immediately reached for comment by the Daily News, she told NBC News that her department, plus other search agencies, have scoured the surrounding area “at least half a dozen times.”

“We’ve checked every box we can think of. But besides the police station and the fire station, there’s not many surveillance cameras,” she told the outlet. “I’ve got no gas station in town. I’ve got no bank in town. So when you talk about cameras – it’s not that we didn’t check them, it’s just there’s nothing to check.”

Hinsdale is located within Berkshire County. Coutinho, who lives in Florida, was visiting the town to see her sister.

Coutinho’s sister’s home is located within a heavily wooded area in the county, according to Bryan.

Police do not have evidence that foul play was involved in Coutinho’s disappearance and there are no leads.

A Facebook group called “Find Jackie Coutinho” has posted nearly daily messages pleading for her return, with one of the latest reading: “As hard as watching the news story on Jackie was last night, her disappearance needs to be all over the news and country. Please share and help us.”

Coutinho is described as being 5’6” tall and weighing about 130 lbs., with gray/blonde hair. She was last seen wearing a purple fleece jacket, a red hooded sweater, blue jeans and white sneakers.