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Fair is fair: After a flawed process, Judith Clark must wait for a new parole hearing


Is owed an unbiased hearing. (CUNY)

After 38 years locked up for committing the horrific 1981 Rockland County Brink's truck robbery and murder of two cops and a guard, Judy Clark is today spending another birthday in prison. It could be her last birthday inside. It's all up to the Parole Board, which must finally play fair.

While impressed by Clark's rehabilitation, this page disagreed with Gov. Cuomo's December 2016 decision to give her a chance at early parole, as he singled her out for special treatment over all other inmates, even meeting with her, something he's never done with other potential candidates for executive clemency.

Clark got her parole hearing in April 2017 — and was denied. The right decision, though, sprung from a tainted process. The three-member panel improperly relied on a negative letter from a jurist who was not her trial judge and refused to give Clark any of the great many letters opposing her release. Bad and bad. Clark sued and won; the court ordered a new hearing, the judge's letter be stricken and the others letters be handed over.

The Parole Board has appealed. But before it's settled, it will be time for Clark's next regularly scheduled parole hearing in April anyway, meaning that there's nothing stopping the Board from repeating the same breaches again. Nuts.