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Facebook’s new ‘Study’ app will pay users to share information


Facebook releases details about its new Study app. (Facebook)

Your friends may not want to see your political posts or thoughts on movies, but Facebook is interested in your opinions.

The tech giant will even pay you for them. Facebook announced Tuesday that it’s launching a new rewards-based market research program that’ll be available via an app called “Study.”

The company claims the app will collect “the minimum amount of information needed to help us build better products.”

After downloading the Study app, users will see a message telling them how the app works and what kind of information they will be sharing so they can confirm they want to allow it to access data.

All research participants will be compensated.

“We’ve learned that what people expect when they sign up to participate in market research has changed, and we’ve built this app to match those expectations,” Facebook states. “We’re offering transparency, compensating all participants, and keeping people’s information safe and secure.”

Information given away by those who sign up for the rewards program includes apps installed on the user’s phone, how much time a user spends on those apps, the participant’s country, device and network type, and possibly the features the user is accessing on an app.

The tech giant said users will receive periodic reminders of the information being collected, adding “Facebook does not collect user IDs, passwords, or any of the participant’s content, such as photos, videos, or messages," and data from Study will not be sold to third parties or used to target ads. Data will also not be added to a person’s Facebook account if they have one, the company vows.

Facebook is partnering with a company called Applause, which manages market research, to handle registration, compensation for users and customer support.

Only those 18 and older are eligible, and to start, the app will only be available in the U.S. and India. Facebook plans to expand the app to other areas in the future.