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Ex-cop accused of quadruple murder still being harassed at MCC


The former Briarcliff Manor cop accused of killing four men in a drug deal gone bad is still being harassed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center despite years of complaints, his attorney charged Tuesday.

Nick Tartaglione, who faces the death penalty, was moved to general population of the troubled jail on Monday night and did not receive a warm welcome, said his lawyer, Bruce Barket.

“Last night, he was taken from the unit he was in and taken to another unit. The special unit Mr. Tartaglione is assigned to affects his safety short-term and long-term," Barket said.

“He was apparently greeted with cat calls. ‘That’s the cop!’”

Tartaglione, 51, was then taken back to the Special Housing Unit, known as the SHU. The former cop shared a cell in that unit with Jeffrey Epstein during the notorious perv’s first suicide attempt in July. Epstein hanged himself weeks later in a cell he occupied alone.

Tartaglione previously claimed he faced retaliation from guards after Epstein’s suicide drew attention to the ex-cop’s longstanding complaints about dreadful conditions at the jail.

In a related development, Judge Kenneth Karas ruled that paperwork on Tartaglione’s confinement should be unsealed, rejecting a government request to keep it under wraps. The Daily News and other media outlets had requested the papers be made public.

“This is a capital case. Given the stakes involved, the public has a deep interest... The public has an interest in the conditions of the confinement," Karas said.

Tartaglione is accused of killing four men and burying their bodies on his sprawling animal rescue farm in Otisville. Prosecutors believe two of the victims had ties to a Mexican drug cartel. Once a hulking bodybuilder, Tartaglione appeared notably slimmer at his court appearance. He’s been behind bars since Dec. 2016. A trial date for his case has not yet been set.