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Euro falls below parity with the dollar. What’s the impact?

The euro has fallen below parity with the dollar, diving to its lowest level in 20 years and ending a one-to-one exchange rate with...

Inflation hits record 8.9% in euro area, but economy grows

LONDON ((DailyNews)) — Inflation in the European countries using the euro currency shot up to another record in July, pushed by higher energy prices...

Europe’s central bank backs larger-than-expected rate hike

FRANKFURT, Germany ((DailyNews)) — The European Central Bank raised interest rates Thursday for the first time in 11 years by a larger-than-expected amount, joining...

Economics of war: Pain for Europe now, later for Russia

Across Europe, signs of distress are multiplying as Russia’s war in Ukraine drags on. Food banks in Italy are feeding more people. German officials...

EXPLAINER: What’s the impact of euro parity with the dollar?

The euro is hovering close to parity with the dollar, falling to its lowest level in 20 years and even briefly touching a one-to-one...

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