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August 25, 2019

Egypt desperate to curb birth rate as population nears 100 million

March 16, 2019
The Egyptian government is desperately trying to limit an explosive population on the brink of 100 million. (Getty Images)

Two’s company, three’s a crowd.

That’s the lesson the Egyptian government is adamantly instilling into its residents as the population is on the verge of swelling to 100 million.


In order to keep the birth rate down, authorities have introduced the “Two Is Enough” campaign in a determined effort to convince couples not to exceed producing two children.

The crusade, launched in 2018, has workers knocking on doors praising the benefits of small families while clinics provide free contraception. Government authorities also are threatening to slash subsidies to families who decide to have three or more kids.

Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is getting his stern point across by warning the populace that terrorism is the country’s lone peril more precarious than overpopulation.

The country has 40% less water than it needs for its people, while its crippled economy struggles to provide lucrative jobs for millions of annual new workers, reported The Telegraph.

More alarming, projections show Egypt’s population will hit the 150 million mark by 2050 if birth rates continue at its current pace of each woman birthing 3.3 kids.

In America and the United Kingdom, the birth rate is 1.8 children per woman, according to 2016 World Bank figures.

If Egypt is incapable of providing adequate resources for tens of millions of more residents in the coming decades, Europe could experience an influx of migrants, warn Western governments.

“Poverty is what will control the birth rate,” said Egyptian farmer Hussein Zidane, 46, who has sired six kids. “If someone has the financial ability he will have children regardless of what the government says. But if he can’t then he won’t.”

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