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Dwyane Wade says no to jersey swap with Knicks’ Emmanuel Mudiay


Rejection hurts. But it probably hurts more coming from the likes of Dwyane Wade.

After the Knick’s 92-100 loss to the Heat on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, Emmanuel Mudiay asked Wade if he would do a jersey swap with him.

Mudiay even reached for the jersey still on Wade’s body. But the soon-to-be-retired 37-year-old’s jersey was already claimed.

“Nah, I’m already giving it away,” Wade said. Saturday’s game was also his last at the Garden.

Mudiay walked away as quickly as he had appeared, back into the tunnel to the Knicks locker room.

Wade ended up doing a jersey swap with the digital sports network, Overtime.

Since the NBA veteran announced his retirement, his “One Last Dance,” and everyone else’s last chances for post game jersey swaps, have been quite a hot topic.

He’s swapped jerseys both with longtime friends like, Chris Paul and LeBron James -- and those who’ve themselves, grown up watching Wade ball out, like the Hawks’ Kevin Huerter.