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Driver going 90 mph on Ohio highway turns out to be a 9-year-old who stole his grandma’s van


Ohio State Highway Patrol officers apprehended a 9-year-old boy Saturday after receiving 911 calls regarding a reckless driver hitting speeds of nearly 90 mph on an interstate in the Buckeye State.

The unidentified driver stole his grandmother’s van, according to WHIO-TV, which reported the grammar school speed demon was apprehended between his grandmother’s western Ohio Tipp City home and Dayton. The calls first started coming in at 2:30 pm., then reportedly resumed a half hour later.

According to cops, the boy crossed into multiple jurisdictions while heading southbound, then managed to turn the vehicle around as he attempted to return to Tipp City. The pint-sized motorist hit two other vehicles during his joyride. No injuries were reported.

“It’s just unreal,” a Shell gas station employee along the intestate told WHIO-TV, adding that witnesses who spotted the boy hit a car outside her business couldn’t believe their eyes. “They said he could barely see over the steering wheel.”

The boy’s grandmother told police she gave the child the keys to the van so that he could sit in it and listen to the radio. He was released to her custody after his Saturday detention. The child could face charges including grand theft auto in a juvenile court, according to the report.