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Dr. Jekyll and Mayor Hide: De Blasio, who professes to care about transparency, kept important emails from the public


Mayor Bill de Blasio announced at the 69th Street Pier in Bay Ridge Brooklyn that there will be expanded purchases of new boats to offer more ferry service to city residents May 3, 2018. (Todd Maisel/New York Daily News) (Todd Maisel / New York Daily News)

Mayor de Blasio ducked and ultimately couldn’t hide from searing evidence of his VIP treatment of two big-money campaign donors in connection with a police bribery scandal — not when one of them, Jona Rechnitz, is testifying in the trial of the other this week about de Blasio’s personal attentions.

Exhibit A: An email from Rechnitz to de Blasio in October 2014, imploring the mayor to retain Philip Banks, the top NYPD official the duplicitous duo had plied with trips and counted on for favors. “What can we do for you to refuse Banks’ resignation and get him back in?”

De Blasio obliged with a lunch meeting — which is a far sight more than the mayor gave the people of New York when the Daily News asked, under the Freedom of Information Law, for all his correspondence with convicted Rechnitz and his accused partner, Jeremy Reichberg.

Among hundreds of pages City Hall handed over, Rechnitz’s request was nowhere to be found. Neither was a de Blasio missive “to profoundly thank you for all the help you’ve given lately.”

A mayoral spokesperson swears they’ve looked high and low for the missing emails. Which if true means that de Blasio hit delete, delete, who knows how many times.

Next move in a dizzying three-card monte with public records of public business: another spokesperson’s claim that de Blasio had no obligation to ever hold on to the mystery emails, in a universe parallel to the rules set by the city’s officially designated records agency.

Hell if the mayor didn’t bury the evidence in a deep dark pit where the government transparency he used to champion as the city’s public advocate has gone to die.