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May 25, 2019

Deliciously decadent chocolate recipes

December 5, 2018

{ url: "", caption: "This ooey-gooey, fudgy, brownie pie from Of Batter and Dough<\/a> is truly what chocolate dreams are made of! With a foolproof chocolate crust and a served with a butterscotch sauce, this is sure to become a staple recipe for celebrations, birthdays and even Wednesdays!\nFor the Brownie Pie recipe, click here.<\/a> (Of Batter and Dough)", credit: "(Of Batter and Dough)", authorsHtml: "By Of Batter and Dough ", sourceId: "109867766", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Brownie Pie", },

{ url: "", caption: "Make these adorable chocolate mice by Kelly Stilwell<\/a> for any occasion! With almond ears and cherry bodies (and the cutest cherry stem tails) you might find them too adorable to eat!\nFor the Chocolate Covered Cherry Mice recipe, click here.<\/a> (Kelly Stilwell)", credit: "(Kelly Stilwell)", authorsHtml: "By Kelly Stilwell ", sourceId: "109867771", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Chocolate-Covered Cherry Mice", },

{ url: "", caption: "Here\u2019s a decadent way to enjoy chocolate for all of the grownups out there! This recipe from Souffle Bombay<\/a>, made with Everclear, chocolate, cream, and vanilla is a delicious way to drink your chocolate!\nFor the Chocolate Moonshine recipe, click here.<\/a> (Souffle Bombay)", credit: "(Souffle Bombay)", authorsHtml: "By Souffle Bombay ", sourceId: "109867775", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Chocolate Moonshine", },

{ url: "", caption: "Chocolate and caramel are a match made in heaven! This recipe from Mon Petit Four<\/a>has a wonderful chocolate filling in a light and flaky pastry \u2014 you will certainly go back for a second slice!\nFor the Chocolate Tart With Caramel recipe, click here.<\/a> (Mon Petit Four)", credit: "(Mon Petit Four)", authorsHtml: "By Mon Petit Four ", sourceId: "109867779", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Chocolate Tart With Caramel", },

{ url: "", caption: "You have to consider hot fudge sauce when the subject of decadent chocolate arises. This recipe by The Rose Table<\/a> is sure to fill any chocolate sauce needs you may have!\nFor the Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge recipe, click here.<\/a> (The Rose Table)", credit: "(The Rose Table)", authorsHtml: "By The Rose Table ", sourceId: "109867780", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge", },

{ url: "", caption: "This decadent dark chocolate tart from Hostess at Heart<\/a> is easy to make but still makes an impressive and fancy dessert that everyone will adore.\nFor the Decadent Dark Chocolate Pecan Tart recipe, click here.<\/a> (Hostess at Heart)", credit: "(Hostess at Heart)", authorsHtml: "By Hostess at Heart ", sourceId: "109867781", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Decadent Dark Chocolate Pecan Tart", },

{ url: "", caption: "You can\u2019t go wrong with a good molten chocolate cake recipe, right. This recipe from The Harried House Wife<\/a> takes only 15 minutes to prep and another 15 to cook, so you can have an impressive chocolate dessert ready in no time!\nFor the Molten Chocolate Cakes recipe, click here.<\/a> (The Harried House Wife)", credit: "(The Harried House Wife)", authorsHtml: "By The Harried House Wife ", sourceId: "109867783", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Molten Chocolate Cakes", },

{ url: "", caption: "Turn to your slow-cooker for this recipe from Ev\u2019s Eats<\/a> to create a delicious double chocolate espresso cake that your friends and family are sure to love!\nFor the Slow-Cooker Double Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake recipe, click here.<\/a> (Ev’s Eats)", credit: "(Ev’s Eats)", authorsHtml: "By Ev’s Eats ", sourceId: "109867787", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Slow-Cooker Double Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake", },

{ url: "", caption: "Chocolate brownie? Check. Graham cracker crust? Check. Marshmallow cream topping? Check! This recipe form Pumpernickel and Rye<\/a> has all of the great flavors and textures of the classic camping treat.\nFor the S\u2019mores Brownies recipe, click here.<\/a> (Pumpernickel and Rye)", credit: "(Pumpernickel and Rye)", authorsHtml: "By Pumpernickel and Rye ", sourceId: "109867788", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "S\u2019mores Brownies", },

{ url: "", caption: "This incredibly over-the-top-delicious cheesecake with sour cream ganache from My Every Day Champagne<\/a> is not overly sweet and pairs fabulously with a drizzle of raspberry sauce.\nFor the Triple Dark Chocolate Cheesecake With Sour Cream Ganache recipe, click here.<\/a> (My Every Day Champagne)", credit: "(My Every Day Champagne)", authorsHtml: "By My Every Day Champagne ", sourceId: "109867790", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Triple Dark Chocolate Cheesecake With Sour Cream Ganache", },

{ url: "", caption: "This recipe from Mango Tomato<\/a> had a great Oreo cookie crust and is then topped with a mixture of chocolate, brown sugar, heavy cream, and pecans \u2014 di-vine!!! For more pie inspiration, don\u2019t miss our ultimate list of the best pies ever.<\/a>\nFor the Turtle Tart recipe, click here.<\/a> (Mango Tomato)", credit: "(Mango Tomato)", authorsHtml: "By Mango Tomato ", sourceId: "109867791", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Turtle Tart", },


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Chocolate consumption should absolutely, never-ever be reserved for just one day, week, or month of the year. We reached out to our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers and asked them for their favorite, most decadent and delightful chocolate recipes. From chocolate cupcakes and the fudgiest brownies in the world to molten chocolate cakes, hot fudge sauce, and more, they certainly came through! So if you are looking for a chocolate recipe to make your day extra special, scroll on to discover these deliciously decadent chocolate recipes. (This story originally appeared on The Daily Meal.)
(The Daily Meal Staff)

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