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Crucial illegal road threatens Amazon rainforest

An illegal dirt road ripping through protected areas in the Brazilian Amazon is now just a few miles shy of connecting two of the...

Prince William charity invests with bank tied to dirty fuels

LONDON ((DailyNews)) — The conservation charity founded by Prince William, second in line to the British throne and who launched the Earthshot Prize, keeps...

Man who destroyed vast forest wins demise of park

RIO DE JANEIRO ((DailyNews)) — In a move that shocked environmentalists, the government of Brazil’s third-largest state has given up a legal fight over...

Report: Brazil authorities pay no mind to deforestation

RIO DE JANEIRO ((DailyNews)) — Environmental criminals in the Brazilian Amazon destroyed public rainforests equal the size of El Salvador over the past six...

Wild species relied on by billions at risk, report warns

RIO DE JANEIRO ((DailyNews)) — Every day billions of people depend on wild flora and fauna to obtain food, medicine and energy. But a...

Immersed in crisis, Peru neglects Amazon’s destruction

RIO DE JANEIRO ((DailyNews)) — Peru has descended into one of the worst political crises in its history and protection of its Amazon rainforest...

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