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Deer kicks Georgia woman in head while she pumps gas


Regular, unleaded or unconscious?

A Georgia woman learned pumping her own gas can be much more dangerous than she could ever imagine when a stealthy deer bounded unnoticed into a filling station and kicked her in the head before scampering away.

Lynda Tennent was at the Brunswick, Ga., station Wednesday morning getting gas when out of nowhere the woodland creature leaped over her head, clipping her with her hoof on the descent.

“I thought I was being robbed,” said Tennent. “I reached up and grabbed my head. . . . I thought I was bleeding.”

The deer hoof struck her unexpectedly, leaving her stunned. She stood frozen for several moments in disbelief trying to comprehend what just happened as the deer disappeared.

Despite the frightening ordeal, Tennent is faring well and doesn’t seem traumatized by her near-brush with death.

"You know the funny thing? she asked Jacksonville, Fla., TV station WJXT. “I was just worried I was going to be late for work.”