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Dead woman found covered in dog bites in her backyard


Elaine Richman (Facebook)

Houston police are investigating the death of a Doberman trainer found in her backyard with dog bites covering her arms, hands and face.

Elaine Richman, 66, had not shown up for dog training classes in two days. Conducting a welfare check, police found her deceased at 8:15 a.m. on Friday, according to KPRC.

A full autopsy is being conducted, but preliminary results indicated “sharp force injury” as the cause of death, KPRC reported.

While two adult Doberman pinschers were found inside her home, it was not immediately clear whether they were responsible for Richman’s death or even the bites on her body, police told KPRC. A few commenters on KPRC’s story noted that she could have died of natural causes and the dogs were trying to wake her up.

Richman was well known in the Doberman world, raising her beloved pets and entering them in dog shows. She had trained them for years, friends and family told KTRK.

“She actually has a closeness to Dobermans and she spent a big part of her life training and showing the dogs,” her brother Bruce Richman told KTRK. “It takes a special person to be very kind to animals, which she was. All of her brothers and sisters were shocked and surprised. We’ll miss her greatly.”