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Daughter of ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ slams speculation her dad went on date after his wife Beth’s death


Beth and Duane Chapman attend the Sunset on the Beach event celebrating season 8 of "Hawaii Five-0" at Queen's Surf Beach on Nov. 10, 2017 in Waikiki, Hawaii. (Darryl Oumi/Getty Images)

The daughter of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” refuted speculation that her dad was on a date less than two months after his wife Beth’s death.

Photos of Duane (Dog) Chapman at a restaurant with a woman over the weekend had sparked such speculation, but Bonnie ? the eldest of his two kids with Beth ? addressed the situation on social media.

“Pissed on my father’s behalf that he can’t go on a business dinner without someone speculating he’s on a date," Bonnie posted on her Instagram story Sunday, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“Leave our family alone please," she continued. "Leave my father alone, let him try to continue our business in peace.”

Bonnie, 20, wrote that the woman is a “member of our crew” and that their were eight others at the dinner as well.

Beth, 52, died in late June following a battle with cancer. She was initially diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017, and after it was removed later that year, the disease returned in 2018.

She and Chapman starred together on the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” series that followed their business tracking down fugitives who owed money for bail bonds.