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July 19, 2019

Dallas firefighters hailed for emergency C-section after mom fatally shot

September 29, 2018
Quick-thinking firefighters saved an unborn baby on Sept. 23 in Dallas after its mother was fatally shot. (MattGush / Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Dallas firefighters saved the day — and the life of an unborn child — after a quick response to a shooting call.

Delashon Jefferson, who was eight months pregnant, died from a gunshot wound on Sept. 23, but the rescuers were able to save her unborn baby by performing an emergency Cesarean section, reported TV station 21CBS DFW.

“The doctors saved the baby and then the victim died of her injuries,” said Dallas police.

Jefferson, 21, suffered her lethal injury during a domestic dispute with Lagarius Rainey — who had accused her of infidelity —began shooting her in the back before she collapsed in a bedroom, said his arrest warrant.

“There was one male victim, who had been pulled into a neighbor’s home, as well as a female victim, who was still inside the home where the shooting actually occurred,” Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesperson Jason Evans told ABC News. “Firefighters made entry into the neighbor’s home, prior to the arrival of police, to help the male victim.”

Daveron Sanders, 25, was identified as the other victim but his condition hasn’t been publicized.

The firefighters were unsure if the gunman was still at the residence, so they waited for the police’s arrival, said Evans.

Jim Mcdade, the president of the Dallas Fire Fighters Association, expressed his gratitude for the rescuers’ heroism, stating, “Firefighters risk their lives on every single run.”

Rainey was arrested not far from the crime scene on a murder charge and taken to Dallas County Jail. He is being held on $350,000 bond.

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