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May 21, 2019

Daily Horoscope — October 10, 2018

October 10, 2018

General Horoscope for October 10, 2018

Emotions flare, adding stress to relationships once the evocative Moon enters complex Scorpio at 12:09 am EDT. We are quick to express our feelings when the Moon joins forces with messenger Mercury as they oppose unpredictable Uranus. Fireworks continue into the evening while the Moon and retrograde Venus square combative Mars. Four planets in Scorpio indicate that even the most trivial disagreement can erupt without warning into a major struggle.

Aries Horoscope — March 21 to April 19

There’s no question that your energy is intense today. Your presence amplifies the vitality of nearly any gathering, meeting, or event. In the professional world and in your personal relationships, your aura can best be described as magnetic. Wield your influence wisely and with forthright purpose as both words and deeds have a far-ranging ripple effect. A heartfelt agenda can be successfully advanced now. The best way to lead is by example.

Taurus Horoscope — April 20 to May 20

Romantic feelings have the tendency to morph and shapeshift today. What begins as a flirtatious lark could become a more serious attraction. A steady relationship might start looking like total marriage material. Or conversely, you or a lover may begin to lose interest in what was once a red-hot affair. Let the heart fly freely and pay special attention to where it lands as that is Cupid’s next target. Love in any form is worth your time.

Gemini Horoscope — May 21 to June 20

Be wary of what could be psychological quicksand of your own making. Overstimulation can lead to over-thinking today, and that can turn what should be a simple job or interaction into something wildly complicated. You have total power to choose your own attitude. Let yours demonstrate healthy respect for solid facts. Reject the temptation to play in the intellectually mucky ruts or spiritually sticky mire. Back to basics is the way to go.

Cancer Horoscope — June 21 to July 22

Lots of feelings come to visit and they can unexpectedly distract you from your obligations today. Stay anchored in your natural authenticity and experience the flow of your emotions without becoming swept away by any one temperamental high or low. Conscientiously tune-in on practical tasks and meaningful responsibilities now. Appreciate every rich inner chord, and the unique song they together create. There’s artistry in everyday living.

Leo Horoscope  — July 23 to Aug. 22

Change is required to break an impasse today. But progress might be in a temporary holding pattern until conditions are ripe for that to happen. Frustration can be a natural response to any type of stagnation, but it doesn’t have to dull your mood across the board. A slowdown in one area of life now could free up extra time and energy to productively devote elsewhere. The call of adventure might even be heard if you stop long enough to listen.

Virgo Horoscope  — Aug. 23 to Sept. 22

It is perfectly acceptable to hold someone to his or her word today. But don’t be shocked if that same high standard is held up for you, too. An emphasis on integrity gives heightened value to straightforward and honest ways. You’re uncharacteristically disinclined to cloak your thoughts or hold back your opinions now. And this is doubtless precisely to your liking. In fact, there’s little you appreciate more than the purity of truth. There’s nothing wrong with demanding respect as long as you give it in return.

Libra Horoscope — Sept. 23 to Oct. 22

A little creative thinking can go a long way today. Few know this to be true as well as you. Your innovative approach could be successfully applied in business negotiations or when making plans for travel or a social event. There is more than one way to reach your destination. Exploring alternate routes can introduce revitalizing energy into stalled conditions. Get your rhythm right and you’re well on your way to a win.

Scorpio Horoscope — Oct. 23 to Nov. 21

You’re running hot or you’re running cold today as extra passion flows into all you do. Lukewarm does not seem to be an option. Shrewd tactics on the job, in sales, or regarding career advancement can give a special glow to inner confidence. And in turn, this self-assuredness inspires the flow of even more great ideas. In the background of your psyche is powerful spiritual energy. Inspiration is personalized but unifying.

Sagittarius Horoscope — Nov. 22 to Dec. 21

You prefer to remain unseen and undisturbed by others today. Whether it is a passion project or sweet relaxation that’s so engaging, you’re most content when fully engulfed in doing your own thing. However, you may eventually find that you’re more inclined to tiptoe or waltz back into visibility in the evening hours. Everything can happen quite suddenly if you’re coaxed by delicious food or good love. Nevertheless, you can’t replace the emotional satisfaction you receive from being in good company.

Capricorn Horoscope — Dec. 22 to Jan. 19

Sometimes it’s tiring to be the rock upon which so many lean, even when you are so proficient at it. It can be a healthy emotional release to grant yourself permission for some off-duty time. Doing at least one nice thing solely for your own happiness or making a special purchase for you and you alone could be the perfect way to reboot your energy today. Revitalization makes the strong even stronger.

Aquarius Horoscope — Jan. 20 to Feb. 18

Your independent spirit puts the very idea of turning to another for advice or encouragement far outside of your everyday frame of reference. And lately you may have entirely forgotten that leaning on someone else is an option. Your mate or a valued loved one is your biggest fan. As such, he or she has some custom-suited words of wisdom to share. But given your powerfully individualistic nature, they’ll likely wait for your cue before offering their opinion. Ask the right question and you’ll get the right answer.

Pisces Horoscope — Feb. 19 to March 20

Encountering unusual circumstances rouses potent emotions today. Instinct tells you that these feelings and desires could be fuel for a creative blaze, an entrepreneurial fire, or a romantic inferno. If you must step out of your comfort zone, you’re likely to do so before you even realize that you’ve made the decision to act. The potential for progress and growth through experience is real. And the rewards can be bountiful. Surprise yourself and let go.

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