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Customer fatally shoots waiter at restaurant in France after waiting too long for sandwich


A waiter was shot and killed at a restaurant in France on Friday night. (TIPHAINE LE LIBOUX/AFP/Getty Images)

A customer fatally shot a waiter at a restaurant near Paris after being forced to wait for a sandwich, according to reports.

The employee was struck in the shoulder on Friday night and passed away at Le Mistral restaurant in the suburb of Noisy-le-Grand, according to BBC News.

The suspect became angry during his wait for the meal, according to witnesses. He fled the scene after shooting the waiter with a handgun, according to the Guardian newspaper.

“It is sad,” a 29-year-old woman told reporters, according to the BBC. “It’s a quiet restaurant, without any problems. It just opened a few months ago.”

“He was killed for a sandwich?” a local resident remarked, according to the Guardian.

A murder investigation is ongoing as the search for the gunman continues.