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Cuomo aide mocks GOP Senate deputy’s hairline


ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo is hitting above the hairline.

A Cuomo spokesman on Tuesday took aim at the hairpiece worn by state Senate Deputy Majority Leader John DeFrancisco after the GOP’s newest gubernatorial contender said the governor was not a friend of the taxpayer.

“That statement is about as real as his hairline,” Azzopardi said in tweet about DeFrancisco’s comment.

DeFrancisco, a Syracuse-area Republican, referred to Azzopardi’s tweet during his campaign kickoff Tuesday, citing it as an example of Cuomo’s tendency to resort to personal attacks.

GOP Sen. John DeFrancisco to challenge Cuomo in governor race

“It’s a perfect Cuomo response because when faced with a logical argument he has no logical retort, so he has got to go to a personal type of comment,” DeFrancisco said.

During his remarks, DeFrancisco attacked Cuomo as a failed leader who has wasted billions of dollars on economic development projects that benefitted his campaign donors and furthered his own political agenda.

A Cuomo spokesman to a shot at DeFrancisco's hairline after the Republican took shots at the governor. 

(Hans Pennink/AP)

DeFrancisco, 71, is the third Republican to enter the race, joining Assembly GOP leader Brian Kolb and former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra.

In a statement, State Democratic Party Executive Director Geoff Berman attacked both DeFrancisco and Kolb as “Trump Mini-Mes.”

GOP loses another candidate to challenge Cuomo in governor race

"These Republican candidates have shown their party's true colors — deep red,” Berman said. “The moderate Republican Party is dead in New York and has been taken over by the extreme conservatives who shaped the Trump candidacy.”