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May 20, 2019

Creep who raided retired NYPD lieutenant’s home ordered held without bail

October 11, 2018
Lance Jyrkinen, 20 is walked out of Brooklyn Special Victims Unit. Jyrkinen was arrested in connection to a brutal home invasion at the home of a retired police officer in Marine Park. (Jesse Ward for New York Daily News)

A retired NYPD lieutenant who was attacked inside his Brooklyn home — where his wife was then sexually assaulted — was hospitalized again Thursday as he buckled under the strain of what happened, prosecutors said as they asked a judge to order two of the three culprits held without bail.

A judge remanded Lance Jyrkinen, 20, for being part of a terrible trio who barged into the 72-year-old lieutenant’s Marine Park home on Monday. He and a second accomplice, Shirnel Sobers, 25, were arraigned during a brief court appearance at Brooklyn Criminal Court late Wednesday.

The arraignment took place as police released a new video of the third suspect in the attack, who remained at large Thursday.

Jyrkinen is accused of slashing the senior, leaving the retired cop with a deep wound that needed 40 stitches to close.

He is also charged with forcing the lieutenant’s 71-year-old wife to perform oral sex, although his on-the-loose accomplice was responsible for the sick act, his attorney said during a brief court appearance late Wednesday.

“(These crimes) apply to the third unapprehended other,” the attorney said. “It seems as if what you have done is charge the two individuals with all the crimes.”

A Brooklyn assistant district attorney said that the charges are valid, since Jyrkinen was there when the sex assault took place.

“Defendant acted in concert and each one is responsible for actions of others,” the prosecutor said.

The victimized lieutenant was hospitalized again Thursday after complaining of chest pains, officials said.

Shirnel Sobers, 25 was arrested in connection to a brutal home invasion at the home of a retired police officer in Marine Park.
Shirnel Sobers, 25 was arrested in connection to a brutal home invasion at the home of a retired police officer in Marine Park. (Jesse Ward for the Daily News)

Sobers was also ordered held without bail as her aunt, June Davis, watched from the gallery.

“That is not my child,” Davis said about the disheveled, dreadlock-sporting Sobers when grabbed outside of court. “Something is wrong. She was always neat.”

Davis said everything went wrong for Sobers after she broke up with a boyfriend about six months ago.

“He used to beat her,” she said.

Police arrested Sobers and Jyrkinen late Monday night in the lieutenant’s stolen Honda Civic, after a license-plate reader scanned the car as it entered the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

Jyrkinen, Sobers and the accomplice allegedly entered the couple’s home at about 5:30 a.m. Monday, cops said. They pistol-whipped him and slashed him across the left cheek with a box cutter, cops said.

Bleeding heavily, the retired lieutenant fell to the ground and hit his head. One member of the group then sexually assaulted his wife, cops said.

The robbers drove off in his blue Civic. The lieutenant’s gun went missing during the mayhem, and police were looking into whether the robbers took it as well.

Police sources said investigators are looking at the possibility the home invasion is linked to debts amassed by one of the detective’s sons. The son is being treated as a witness to the crime, sources said.

Cops said the third suspect was seen in the area of Union Square Park shortly before the attack in Brooklyn. He is described as black, about 6-feet tall with a thin build. At the time he was sporting glasses, an orange du-rag, black pants with a red stripe, a black T-shirt and black sneakers.

Anyone with information about the third suspect’s whereabouts is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.

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