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Council not ready to OK paid vacation law de Blasio says will pass ‘this year’ while campaigning for president


Mayor Bill de Blasio is pictured on May 24 in Manhattan, New York. (Barry Williams/New York Daily News)

Speaker Corey Johnson said the Council isn’t ready to pass a bill that would require most businesses to give two weeks paid personal time – despite Mayor de Blasio touting the measure on the presidential campaign trail.

“There are a lot of details to work through,” Johnson (D-Manhattan) said on WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show” on Monday, noting he didn’t want to strain small businesses already reeling from rent increases.

De Blasio has said numerous times that the city would pass the law requiring two weeks paid vacation “this year.” As is, the legislation mandates employers with five or more employees or those with one or more domestic workers to provide personal time off.

The mayor frequently notes the measure while campaigning in early primary states. At a taxpayer-funded rally for the bill shortly after announcing his White House bid, de Blasio even repeated his presidential stump speech. Two weeks paid vacation is also included in his 2020 campaign’s proposed “Workers’ Bill of Rights.”

“We’re going to pass a law in New York this year, two weeks paid vacation for every working person,” de Blasio promised last month on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”

But Johnson said discussion around the measure, sponsored by Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, isn’t over.

“If payroll costs are going to go up and small businesses are still seeing very large rent increases, they’re seeing all of these costs that aren’t going down, how are we going to do it in a way that’s not going to adversely affect small businesses?” Johnson said. “I think bigger businesses could figure out a way to absorb this.”

The bill is currently laid-over in committee after a hearing was held on May 28.