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Cops get call for 'alligator-like creature' in New Jersey, but find sun-bathing iguana


The Neptune Township Police Department? was dispatched to an animal call involving an "alligator-like creature" on the loose, but found this sun-loving iguana. (Neptune Township Police Department)

An escaped sun-worshipping iguana in Central New Jersey prompted a call to local cops reporting an “alligator-like creature” on the loose.

But when the Neptune Township Police Department arrived on the scene Monday morning, they discovered the harmless lizard had “scaled a nearby porch to catch some rays” not far from the home he broke loose from.

Iguanas, native to tropical regions like Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean, are known to enjoy basking in the sun.

“Officers sprang into action, set up a perimeter and canvassed the neighborhood for anyone missing a not-so-furry friend,” a Tuesday Facebook post from the Neptune Township Police Department reads. “The owner was located and quickly responded to the scene, bringing this tense situation to a close without incident. The escapee was safely returned home to warm up after his exhausting and chilly morning walk.”

The police department also explained that since there are no animal control services in this township in Monmouth County, officers are dispatched to animal calls first to determine if other services are needed like the Monmouth County SPCA​.

“In this case, the officers recognized the need for an immediate response, as the typical iguana thrives in warm, tropic temperatures not found on a typical December day in New Jersey,” the police department posted. “Great work by the quick thinking neighbors who contacted the police and the officers who were able to locate the owner and get this runaway back inside to warm up.”