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Columbia University’s marching band banned from all sporting events


Columbia University has banned its longtime marching band from performing at all athletic events, after it failed to get recognition from any campus supervisory board.

The Ivy League school directed the band to join a governing board last year after it warned that funding would be cut — but the troupe missed a spring 2019 deadline, the band’s board wrote in letter to university students Wednesday.

“Rather than give us time to rectify our error, the Band has lost all additional funding and is prohibited from performing at all Athletics events for the foreseeable future,” the letter said.

“It is evident that Athletics and (Undergraduate Student Life) are not concerned with whether the Columbia University Marching Band is recognized. Instead, they are doing everything in their power to ensure the organization no longer exists.”

Many of the musicians feel the ban is punishment for their fall 2017 performance inside Butler Library the night before the Organic Chemistry final, which angered administrators, according to the Columbia Daily Spectator.

The band said they are weighing other options.

“The Band has been bringing school spirit to this campus for over a century, and we want to continue in that mission,” the letter said. “The show, as always, must go on.”