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Clint Frazier makes spectacular catch in Yankees’ loss to Indians

CLEVELAND — After being a finalist for the Gold Glove last season, Clint Fraizer is determined to show that those glove skills were not a fluke in a 60-game coronavirus-abbreviated season. Inserted into Sunday’s game after pinch-hitting in the sixth inning, Frazier made a spectacular diving catch to rob Jordan Lupow of an extra-base hit.

It was one of the very few highlights for the Yankees in a 7-3 loss to Cleveland at Progressive Field.

“He put a good swing on a good pitch. But the good thing was, it was a ball that was lost in the air. So it gave me time to kind of run under it,” said Frazier, who covered about 25-yards quickly. “And I saw it pretty well. And I’m just glad that I was able to hold the ball in my glove because it almost came out as I hit the ground.”

Frazier launched himself into the air to catch up with the ball and then crashed down on his chest, holding his glove and the ball out in front of him. After the catch, he laid on the ground a moment, raising the glove up to show he had control of the ball.

In this file photo, Clint Frazier hits the deck against the Braves last week and does the same to make a great grab against the Indians on Sunday.

The fall knocked the wind out of him.

“Not good. I mean, it kind of took the breath out of me,” Frazier said. “It was a long jog back in. . . I would say probably felt as good as it looked.”

Frazier, who had begun the season as the Yankees’ everyday left fielder, has been losing more time as he continues to struggle at the plate. The 26-year old is 3-for his last 39 at-bats. He slashing .146/293/.188 with no home runs, one RBI and 19 strikeouts in 49 at-bats this season.

The Yankees feel that Frazier is “in between” at the plate. He’s missing on pitches that he should be doing damage with.

“The thing with Clint is, I think his at-bats the last couple of days have gotten a little bit better. Same with today. He went up there and drew a walk,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said. “I thought his last at-bat there leading off the ninth. . . I thought he got a good swing off. So I feel like he’s making some steps at the plate and hopefully we can get him rolling with the rest of the guys.”

Frazier is trying to go back and figure out what he did last season that worked. It’s a little harder for him, because he is constantly tweaking his stance.

“If you follow the course of my career, I have like 500 different batting stances, and they’ve all worked at one point in time. And that’s the difficult part I’ve never really settled into a stance,” Frazier said. “I’m a feel guy and the stuff that I was doing was not working. So it was time for me to kind of go back and look at the archives and just see what I can do to get in my legs better and be able to get down on time. For me to be able to swing, that little hitch that I have in my swing, if it fires a little bit late and then I have trouble connecting on pitches that I would normally have.

“I had a slight mechanical issue that I had to work out and I feel I feel really close right now,” Frazier said. “I’ve been walking a lot the last few days. And I feel good in Baltimore in the past, so hopefully, you know that continuous.”


Nick Nelson was a lock to make the Yankees bullpen out of spring training. In 10 innings of work this spring, Nelson dominated, allowing just one earned run and striking out 10. The Yankees thought he was building off a strong rookie season, where one bad outing had his ERA up to 4.79, but he showed good stuff and an aptitude to attack hitters.

But since then, he’s struggled.

Nelson allowed three earned runs on four hits, walked one and struck out two in two innings of work on Sunday.

“He’s just spraying the ball,” Boone said. “There were a number of kind of non-competitive pitches in there. He clearly has the stuff and the fastball and changeup and going back to the end of last year and the start of this year. . . So I think the important thing for right now is to get him  kind of back on track And making sure he is throwing strikes and is back to where it needs to be.”

That will be in Scranton for the time being. He was optioned to the Alternate Site before the Yankees packed up and left Cleveland.

Miguel Andujar, who had carpal tunnel syndrome in his right wrist, was taken off the injured list and also optioned to the Alternate Site after Sunday’s game.

Source (Ny Daily news)

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