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City Hall police joked about prospect of Mayor de Blasio ending presidential campaign in internal email: “Hooray!!”


Even police protecting Mayor de Blasio thought his presidential campaign was a joke.

A cop manning City Hall’s police desk jokingly cheered the eventual demise of Hizzoner’s long-shot bid for the White House earlier this month, The Daily News learned.

An anonymous police official emailed more than a dozen cops and de Blasio aides on Sept. 5 informing the group that comedians had set up a mock presidential campaign concession speech for the mayor outside the Park Slope YMCA where he works out.

“There are 2 comedians balloons and signs @ the gym,” the police desk account wrote to the group in an email obtained by The News. “The signs say that The Mayor is dropping out!!!! Hooray!!”

The email account is run by the security desk – the police in de Blasio’s protective detail that sit at City Hall, Gracie Mansion and the gym. The police desk email account sends certain cops and City Hall staffers with updates on who is around, such as protesters.

The same fake concession set-up also appeared outside City Hall the same day.

“I’M DROPPING OUT” declared a sign next to red, white and blue balloons and a microphone affixed with de Blasio’s 2020 campaign logo. “Today, I, Mayor Bill de Blasio, announce that I am dropping out of the presidential race,” another read.

The writers behind the political prank, Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, have also dogged the mayor’s presidential aspirations with faux missing posters of de Blasio asking “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN?” And they made a sign “renaming” City Hall “Iowa” during a party complete with corn dogs and corn.

The mayor never saw the concession speech the duo staged because he was visiting schools across the five boroughs for the first day of school.

De Blasio spokeswoman Freddi Goldstein, one of the aides to receive the mocking email, had no comment on Friday.

The mayor finally dropped out of the 2020 race on Friday morning when his campaign failed to gain traction.

“I feel very, very good about this campaign,” de Blasio told reporters at Gracie Mansion. “In the end, you got to make decisions based on the facts and sometimes it’s just not your time and that’s OK.”