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Chrissy Teigen wants 'stupid' food trends to stop


It all began with a Twitter user asking food-obsessed Chrissy Teigen if she’s ever tried a cotton candy ice cream burrito. They attached a photo of the burrito-shaped monstrosity filled with pink-hued ice cream and Fruit Loops, and Teigen just snapped.

“No I hate these stupid trends. Things inside things. Crazy s--- on top of crazy s---. S--- in new shapes. ‘PLEASE INSTAGRAM ME’ s---. TIRED OF IT. BAH HUMBUG,” she responded, unable to hide her hatred for the “stupid” trend.

In the past year or so, Instagram has spurred on many food trends which involve excess, unicorn colors, odd shapes, and food tucked inside of other foods when they really shouldn’t be — e.g., cotton candy burritos. Teigen has an immense distaste for the “burrito” trend, which seems to largely consist of calling things burritos when they’re not.

A Twitter user attempted to point out to her that the sushi burrito “is actually worth the hype.” Teigen immediately disagreed.

“That is an oversized hand roll with no cone point. It’s a giant sushi log. Nothing about this is a burrito,” she admonished.

Teigen may be tired of dumb trends, but she has plenty of energy for charity work. The model and cookbook author was given the Heart of the City award for her fundraising efforts on behalf of City Harvest, a 35-year-old nonprofit that “rescues” wasted food and provides it free of charge to community programs. During an auction at the organization’s recent gala, a private dinner cooked by Eric Ripert with a performance by John Legend and company with Teigen, which was listed for $1.1 million, sold twice.

Hopefully Chrissy won’t have to make small talk with any cotton candy burrito enthusiasts. Luckily, if anyone else tired is of “stupid” food trends and ready for something new, we have some pretty positive food trend predictions for 2018!