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Chinese influencer humiliated by landlord who posted video of the fashionista’s filthy apartment


Maybe she can work out a sponsorship deal with Pine-Sol.

Chinese influencer Lisa Li was shamed by her landlord who posted video of the jet-setter’s filthy central China apartment online after trying to get a hold of the stylish tenant numerous times, according to the BBC. Li allegedly owed hundreds of dollars in utility bills.

The landlord, identified by Chinese news reports as Ms. Chen, called out Li’s “double life” as she walked viewers through a squalid pad in the city of Xi’an littered with empty boxes, half-eaten food and animal feces.

Many of Li’s 1.1 million followers reacted in shock, calling the party girl a “fake” for posting online photos indicating a life of glamour and sophistication, while living in a cesspool.

Upon learning her brand was in jeopardy, Li returned to the apartment, apologized to her landlord in person and promised to deal with the mess that Chen said professional cleaners had refused to touch.

“Complete responsibility lies with me on this incident," Li told her landlord on video documenting her apology.

The Chinese hipster told Chinese news site The Paper that she would begin cleaning immediately and work through the night.