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Chinese family marries one another 23 times to get free housing


A Chinese family hoping to exploit an urban renewal program giving free apartments to households in need staged nearly two dozen sham marriages to one another in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province.

The weddings — all 23 of them — happened within a two week period, according to the Beijing News.

An offer from a small town in Lishui city reportedly offered new housing to those willing to root themselves in the area as it underwent new construction.

Pan Mouyong, whose identified as the head of the alleged scheme, reportedly re-married his ex-wife, divorced her again in less than a week, then staged marriages between himself and his sister and sister-in-law. Pan’s father also married multiple women during that two week span, including his own mother, according to CNN’s translation of the Chinese news story.

Police have made 11 arrested in the case and four were detained according to the report, which said those being held “were suspected of engaging in divorce by means of fictitious facts and achieving the purpose of relocating the household registration.”