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Cheesecake May is back at Breads Bakery with limited time specialty treats from Chocolate Cheesecake to Cheesecake Babka


Cheesecake May is back at Breads Bakery. (Ashley Solter)

Junior’s has some stiff competition this month.

Cheesecake May is back at Breads Bakery, the Israeli-influenced Manhattan mini-chain famous for its sweet and savory baked goods.

While Breads offers a Classic Cheesecake all year, four limited-time cheesy delights are only available this month. The tradition of Cheesecake May started for the shop several years ago, when the Jewish holiday of Shavuot — in which dairy products like cheese are consumed — fell at the end of May.

Breads launched a different cheesecake each week so that there were several to enjoy for the holiday. Though the holiday fell in June the following year, the sweets shop says customers were so looking forward to the May cheesecake bonanza that they’ve brought it back every year since.

This year’s options include the fan-favorite — and Martha Stewart-approved — Cheesecake Babka for $14.95 and available all month. It’s stuffed with ricotta and topped with streusel. As always, the Classic Cheesecake, $39, is also available all month.

A Chocolate Cheesecake, $39 and made with dark chocolate and sour cream, will rotate in from May 9 to May 15, and then again from May 23 to May 31st.

The Halva Cheesecake, $39 and crafted with sour cream and a halva shortbread crust, makes an appearance from May 16 to 31st.

And a Cheesecake Pavolva — $8 and a perfect personal size — is baked meringue topped with mascarpone and fresh berries and available from May 23 to 31st.

All items must be refrigerated and will be sold at the Union Square (18 East 16th St.) and Lincoln Center (1890 Broadway) locations.