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Charlie Walk on leave at Universal Music after misconduct claims


Record executive Charlie Walk has been placed on leave after a second woman accused him of sexual misconduct.

Walk, who also serves as a judge on the Fox singing competition show “The Four,” was previously accused of making lewd comments to Tristan Coopersmith, the founder of the women’s wellness studio and social club Life Lab, who worked for him when she was 27.

She also claimed he propositioned her and pushed her into his bed while his wife was in the room next door.

“Republic Records is committed to a safe workplace environment where employees are treated fairly and respectfully. We have retained an outside law firm to conduct an independent investigation of this matter and have encouraged anyone who has relevant information to speak to the firm's investigators,” the company said in a statement to the Daily News.

‘The Four’ judge Charlie Walk accused of sexual harassment

“Mr. Walk has been placed on leave, and will remain in leave for the duration of the investigation.”

He previously denied Coopersmith’s allegations.

“It is very upsetting to learn of this untrue allegation made by someone who worked with me 15 years ago, without incident,” he told Deadline.

“There has never been a single HR claim against me at any time during my 25+ year career, spanning three major companies. I have consistently been a supporter of the women’s movement and this is the first time I have ever heard of this or any other allegation — and it is false.”

Stars accused of sexual harassment and assault

On Wednesday, another woman came forward with allegations against Walk.

The anonymous marketing executive told Deadline that Walk had focused his attention on her when she worked at Universal with him, including frequently commenting on photos on her private Instagram.

“He started saying to people, in meetings, ‘Do you guys follow (her) in Instagram? Oh my god, she has the best Instagram. It’s so crazy, you have to follow her,'” she said.

She also claimed that, after she had been laid off at Universal, Walk invited her to the Wilshire Hotel for what she assumed was a party. When she asked for clarification, he instead resonded with explicit photos and a Snapchat video with his hands down his pants.

“I didn’t work there anymore, which doesn’t make it ok — but it does corroborate (Coopersmith’s) story. Yes he is a person who does these things,” she told Deadline.

“At the same time I was so upset. Is this why I got laid off? Did I get laid off so you could ask me to sleep with you? That’s how I felt. It’s a very s--tty feeling.”