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Central Park Five prosecutor Linda Fairstein slams Ava DuVernay’s series ‘When They See Us’ as an ‘outright fabrication’


Linda Fairstein (right) says the new series created by Ava DuVernay (left) is “full of distortions and falsehoods." (Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Former city prosecutor Linda Fairstein is giving two thumbs down to Ava DuVernay’s new miniseries about the Central Park Five case.

Fairstein, who’s been hit with a wave of criticism for her handling of that case, slammed DuVernay’s “When They See Us” as an “outright fabrication” that is “full of distortions and falsehoods” in a biting op-ed published by The Wall Street Journal.

“I was one of the supervisors who oversaw the team that prosecuted the teenagers apprehended after that horrific night of violence,” Fairstein wrote. “Ms. DuVernay’s film attempts to portray me as an overzealous prosecutor and a bigot, the police as incompetent or worse, and the five suspects as innocent of all charges against them. None of this is true.”

The highly publicized Central Park Five case of 1989 centered on five teenagers ? Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Antron McCray and Korey Wise ? who were wrongfully convicted for the rape of a woman who was jogging in Central Park. Their convictions were dropped in 2002 after another man confessed to the crime and DNA backed up his admission.

Fairstein, 72, wrote in her op-ed that DuVernay’s Netflix series depicts the teens as “being held without food, deprived of their parents’ company and advice, and not even allowed to use the bathroom” ? all of which she says is not true.

She noted that while she agrees with the rape charges being dropped against them, she contends other charges shouldn’t have been.

“And there was certainly more than enough evidence to support those convictions of first-degree assault, robbery, riot and other charges,” Fairstein wrote.

Fairstein, who is played by Felicity Huffman in the miniseries, began her piece for The Journal by writing that there were more than 30 rioters on the night of the incident, and that the jogger was not the only person attacked.

The op-ed comes days after Fairstein’s relationship with book-publishing company Dutton came to a sudden end without much of an explanation.

On Sunday, the men at the center of the Central Park Five case ? who are now described as The Exonerated Five ? spoke to Oprah Winfrey and blamed Fairstein for what transpired against them, according to Variety. That sit-down is scheduled to be broadcast on Netflix and on Oprah’s OWN network on Wednesday.