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Caught on camera: Nashville man stuffed brisket and propane down pants, cops say


John Allen Honaker tried to kick out the police car windows after his arrest.

A Nashville man’s day went from bad to worse after he was caught shoplifting and ended up assaulting a police officer.

After responding to an unrelated call to a Nashville Walmart, police officers saw John Allen Honaker stuffing items into his pants on the security cameras.

When police and a Walmart employee detained him, they discovered he had two propane bottles and sliced brisket in his pants.

While being taken to central booking, Honaker tried to kick out the police car’s windows and slammed his head against the plastic partition separating the front and back of the vehicle.

The arresting officers called for backup and attempted to put a hobble restraint on the man to stop him from injuring himself or doing any damage to the car.

At that point, Honaker tried to kick one of the officers in the head and the midsection. Honaker then told the officers to “leave his drunk (expletive expletive) alone.”

He faces a misdemeanor charge of assaulting an officer.