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Casting call searching ‘no overweight children’ and no red hair condemned as Milka chocolate distances itself


The parent company for Milka chocolate distanced itself from a controversial casting call, for which the company Spotlight UK apologized. (JULIEN WARNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

A United Kingdom casting company apologized amid controversy over a job listing for an ad that called for a “very pretty” and “child like” actress and specified “no overweight children.”

The criticized casting call, which was seeking a child actress for an upcoming Milka chocolate Christmas commercial, garnered widespread attention after a Twitter user shared the role description on social media.

“Breakdowns like this are, quite simply, totally unacceptable and we should never have allowed it to be published,” the casting company, Spotlight UK, said in a statement Saturday. “However, it was published, and when we were told about it we should have taken it down immediately rather than try to amend it to be more acceptable.”

A screen grab of the casting call, which was posted on Twitter by user @helenraw, shows the job description asked for an actress who was at most 12 years old, while saying no children with red hair.

“No overweight children as this is advertising chocolate,” the casting notice reads.

Mondelez International ? the parent company for Milka ? has distanced itself from the casting call.

“We’d like to thank people for bringing this casting notice to our attention,” Mondelez International said in a statement posted on Twitter. “We take our advertising responsibility very seriously and this is not representative of the brief we shared with the casting agency and does not meet our high standards.

“We would never approve the use of such a notice, and are urgently reviewing the situation with Spotlight UK to understand how and why it has happened.”