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Cashier with photographic memory reportedly memorized 1,300 credit cards and used them later


Some people think a Japanese cashier deserves credit for the way he swiped money from customers.

Japan Today reports that Yuske Taniguchi was arrested for using her photographic memory to memorize the names, credit card numbers and expiration dates of customers he rang-up during his part time job at Tokyo mall, then recalling that information later to finance basic living expenses.

More than 1,300 customers were targeted by the 34-year-old man, who was reportedly nabbed after purchasing a pair of shoulder bags totaling just over $2,500, which were delivered to his apartment.

According to Japan Today, readers commented on Taniguchi’s mental prowess, but wondered why he wasn’t smart enough to find a better use for his unique skills.

"Isn’t there any job where he can use that talent?” one person reportedly asked.

“What a waste of talent,” said another.

One reader found a moral in Taniguchi’s almost unbelievable tale.

“A photographic memory! It’s an amazing power but should only be used for good,” that reader suggested.

Police in Japan reportedly found a notebook containing names and numbers that they are using to investigate the possibility of further fraud.