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Canadian grizzly bear fatally mauls sound-gathering musician in unprovoked attack


A Canadian grizzly bear, similar to this one, fatally mauled Julien Gauthier in the Northwest Territories Aug. 15. (Getty Images/iStock)

A French musician gathering nature sounds in the isolated expanse of western Canada was fatally attacked by a grizzly bear last week.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed that Julien Gauthier, who had been recording noises in the great outdoors while traveling alongside the Mackenzie River, was mauled by the savage beast Aug. 15, reported BBC News.

The 44-year-old man, who was born in Canada but moved to France in his late teens, was attacked by the bear in his sleep.

Unprovoked grizzly bear attacks are extremely rare, claim conservation officers.

On the day Gauthier died, the police were alerted by a distress beacon in the Tulita area — populated by approximately 500 people — of the Northwest Territories, an isolated area accessible only by air or sea.

Gauthier’s traveling companion, biologist Camille Toscani, said the victim had been dragged away by the grizzly bear in the middle of the night.

Reports state his lifeless body was discovered the next day.

“It was his dream to go there, to go to the North,” Toscani told Le Parisien. “He had asked me to take part in this adventure. We had been thinking about it for three years. We were so happy to get to do it.”

The Bretagne Symphony Orchestra, in which Gauthier had been a composer in residence for two years, praised him in a Facebook post. The group called him “a sensitive, generous and talented man” who had “a sense of adventure, wonder and rare intelligence.”