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April 18, 2019

Call girl testifies about mile-high encounter with NYPD deputy inspector and Brooklyn businessman accused of bribery

November 8, 2018
Gabi Grecko is pictured in a 2016 file photo. She claims she engaged in mile-high group sex with two cops and three other men during a wild private-plane trip to Las Vegas. (Richard Harbus for New York Daily News)

A prostitute testified Thursday that she spent “a long weekend” in Las Vegas with a crooked Brooklyn businessman and NYPD deputy inspector — and they paid her a pittance.

Gabi Grecko — whose real name is Gabriella Curtis — shared her account of the notorious flight to Las Vegas on Super Bowl weekend in February 2013 . On the plane was Deputy Inspector James Grant, Brooklyn businessman Jeremy Reichberg, corrupt Mayor de Blasio donor Jona Rechnitz and two others, she said.

After three days in Vegas with the men, Grant drove her home and paid her a paltry sum of $1,500 to $2,000, Grecko said.

“I was not very happy. It was not very much…That many days with those type of people,” Grecko, 29, said.

“It was a long weekend.”

Her testimony, which was accompanied by photos from the flight, created a tense atmosphere in Manhattan Federal Court as she said that she desperately wanted to move on from a dark period in which she believed selling herself for sex could lead to fame.

“All the slut shaming — like I’m a hooker,” Grecko said of her notoriety. “It didn’t benefit me at all. It’s embarrassing.”

Federal prosecutors say the flight aboard a private jet is an example of a corrupt arrangement in which Reichberg would shower Grant with gifts. The high-ranking cop then allegedly took official action to boost Reichberg’s status in his community. Rechnitz, who is cooperating with the government, is expected to testify that he paid for the flight as part of his and Reichberg’s effort to corrupt the upper ranks of the police department.

Grecko testified she first met Reichberg in late 2012 during a bachelor party at a Midtown hotel in which she engaged in “sex acts.”

Reichberg later contacted her and said he had “some sort of job coming up,” she recalled.

They even went together and bought a costume for the flight, she testified.

“It was a stewardess costume. Like one of those revealing Halloween-type costumes,” Grecko said.

Grecko claims she engaged in “sex acts” on the flight and in Vegas. On the stand, she recounted that she stayed in a room at the MGM Grand with Grant. The cop denies he had sex with Grecko.

Once the Sin City weekend became public as part of the government’s case against Reichberg and Grant, Grecko spoke to a New York Post reporter. The front page story was packed with lurid details about the flight.

The reporter was “pushy” and so relentless she just responded “yes” to some of his questions, she said.

“I wanted to show myself as a strong individual,” she explained.

“It was the exact opposite of what I wanted it to be.

”I know what sex acts occurred…all those details that were in there, none of it was true,” she added.

After the story ran, she dated the reporter for a month.

“I felt very isolated. I’d just gotten out of a relationship,” Grecko said.

“This was a person who seemed to care about me as a friend. I thought he took advantage of me because I was vulnerable.”

The writer was fired after the romance came to light.

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