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Cadbury Mini Eggs now available in a shiny, shimmering shell


Cadbury Shimmer Mini Eggs have landed to bling up your Easter. (Gina Salamone)

Easter candy now comes with a bit of bling.

Cadbury Shimmer Mini Eggs have arrived, upgrading the classic candy with a sparkly new twist.

Unlike the original Mini Eggs, whose hard shells are rough and dull, the Shimmer variety rocks a smooth, shiny shell surrounding the milk chocolate inside.

The new treats come in pretty pastel shades of pink, purple, blue and yellow.

The shimmery sweets, already in stores months ahead of the April 21 holiday, come in 1.4-ounce, 7-ounce, and 9-ounce bags, according to Cadbury’s web site.

Currently, the 9-ounce bag is going for just under $7 at

Fans of the original Mini Eggs, fear not. The Easter favorites first introduced in 1967 are still around despite the new kid in town.