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April 25, 2019

Butler at Sandals Resort crept into my room and groped me on night before wedding, says bride

November 28, 2018
Ashley and Jeffrey Pascarella, pictured here after their engagement, are suing Sandals Resorts International for hiring a butler who allegedly groped her in a haunting middle-of-the-night sexual attack. (Facebook)

The butler did it, they say.

A couple’s dream wedding was ruined when their butler fondled the bride, and they now want $30 million in damages from the resort that hired him, a lawsuit filed Tuesday claims.

The couple, Ashley and Jeffrey Pascarella, are suing Sandals Resorts International for hiring a servant who allegedly groped her and for turning their wedding into a “nightmarish, tear-streaked recollection of a haunting middle-of-the-night sexual attack.”

“It was really traumatic for me,” Ashley Pascarella told The News on Tuesday. “Sandals needs to be held accountable for what they’ve done.”

Pascarella and her soon-to-be-groom hosted 70 guests at their April 2016 destination wedding in the Bahamas when they first met Moral Adderley, who was part of the Sandals Resort’s “butler elite service.”

After a cocktail party the night before their big day, Adderley allegedly crept into their room and fondled Ashley while she was in bed, the couple claim in their lawsuit.

The New Jersey couple claim the butler assigned to serve them, Moral Adderley (pictured), snuck into their suite and molested Reid in the middle of the night.
The New Jersey couple claim the butler assigned to serve them, Moral Adderley (pictured), snuck into their suite and molested Reid in the middle of the night. (Facebook)

“Shocked, frightened, distraught, [she] screamed and was able to resist the immoral Moral Adderley, calling for security to respond to and apprehend the salacious violator,” the lawsuit states.

The couple claims that Sandals staff made it tough for them to contact the local police and that it took hours to report the attack.

“We didn’t get to go back into our room until two or three in the morning,” Ashley recalled. “Sandals just made it incredibly difficult to deal with this.”

And despite resort staffs’ assurance that Adderley would be kept at bay for the rest of their stay, Ashley recalls her assailant calling their room the next morning to ask if their breakfast had arrived.

She said Tuesday that the resort offered to pay for their wedding if the couple agreed to keep mum about the traumatic incident.

Adderley, who is not named as a defendant, pleaded guilty to indecent assault a week after the wedding, according to the lawsuit.

Sandals spokeswoman Debbie-Ann White said the company relies on “robust policies” and “employee training” and routinely evaluates those practices to “ensure they reflect best-in-class methods in the locations where we operate.”

“There is nothing more important than the safety and security of our guests, and we take allegations of criminal assault at our resorts seriously,” she said. “We have worked tirelessly over decades to create a safe and enjoyable environment at our resorts, and our efforts include collaborating with various government and law enforcement resources to ensure we are among the safest resorts operating in the Caribbean.”

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