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June 19, 2019

Bus driver rescues toddler wandering streets barefoot wearing only a onesie and a diaper in the cold

January 11, 2019
Irena Ivic found the child in the below freezing weather, wearing a red onesie and a diaper, and headed towards an intersection. (YouTube / RideMCTS)

A Milwaukee bus driver is being hailed for her heroic actions after rescuing a toddler who was running barefoot and alone on a freeway overpass.

Irena Ivic found the girl in below-freezing weather on Dec. 22, wearing a red onesie and a diaper, and headed toward an intersection.


After stopping the bus, she ran across the street, and picked up the girl — who appeared to under 1 year old, according to the Milwaukee County Transit System.

She then carried the tot back to the bus and comforted her until authorities arrived.

“I’m shaking,” Ivic can be heard saying on surveillance video from inside the bus.

Police returned the child to her father, since her mother was the one who left the girl outside. The mother may have been struggling with mental health issues.

“The baby was so scared … and cried. She didn’t know what to do [or] where to go,” Ivic said Wednesday at a Milwaukee County press conference, where she received an MCTS Excellence award.

MCTS said this isn’t the first time a lost or missing child has been found by one of its bus drivers. In fact, it’s happened eight other times in recent years, making social media users wonder why it’s such a common occurrence.

“So while it’s wonderful what she did, the bigger question is why is this happening so often?! How are people not aware of where their children are?!” one Facebook user wrote to MCTS.

Another social media user wrote, “Who knew so many angels moonlighted as MCTS drivers.”

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