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Burger King’s plant-based Impossible Whopper headed for nationwide release following successful test run


Burger King is aiming to roll out its plant-based Impossible Whopper nationwide following a successful test run. (Burger King)

The beefless burger craze is spreading.

Burger King plans to make its plant-based Impossible Whopper available across the country later this year after a successful test run. Early this month, the fast food chain tried out the veggie-focused sandwich that’s meant to taste like meat at 59 locations in and around St. Louis, Missouri.

“The Impossible Whopper test in St. Louis went exceedingly well and as a result there are plans to extend testing into additional markets in the very near future,” Burger King said in a statement. “Burger King Restaurants are targeting nationwide availability of the Impossible Whopper by the end of 2019.”

Don’t worry, carnivores. There are no plans to ditch the standard grilled beef version just yet.

"Burger King Restaurants in St. Louis are showing encouraging results and Impossible Whopper sales are complementing traditional Whopper purchases,” the burger chain stated.

Like regular Whoppers, the Impossible plant-based patty is flame-grilled and topped with tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles and white onions, all piled onto a toasted sesame seed bun.

The main ingredients in the veggie patties are soy and potato protein, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and heme, or soy leghemoglobin — which is the molecule that makes meat taste like meat. "We make the Impossible Burger using heme from soy plants — identical to the heme from animals — which is what gives it its uniquely meaty flavor,” Impossible Foods states on its site.

Fans of veggie burgers that taste like meat can already enjoy the Impossible Burger at other joints like White Castle and Wahlburgers.