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Bud Light won't apologize for Super Bowl ad and instead doubles down on anti-corn syrup campaign


Bud Light, which ran a Super Bowl spot bashing competing brands for using corn syrup, has no regrets. (Bud Light)

Bud Light refuses to bottle its aversion to corn syrup.

The beer brand caught a ton of flak following its Super Bowl ad bashing competing labels’ use of the additive in their brews, but instead of apologizing — it’s doubling down on its anti-corn syrup campaign.

After Bud Light’s medieval-themed commercial aired Sunday night, everyone from corn farmers to the dissed brands — Coors Light and Miller Lite — were angered enough to clap back.

But Bud is unfazed, issuing a response Wednesday, but not an apology.

The brand tweeted an image of a mock-up medieval scroll with “a message from the King,” meaning the Bud Light King, who was featured prominently in the ad as he sets out to return a large barrel of corn syrup that was mistakenly deliver to his brewery to the other brewers.

“I just wanted to return some corn syrup to its rightful owners and here we are..sorry, was it a secret or something?” the “king” sarcastically asks in the note.

It goes on to say that while the Bud Light Kingdom appreciates corn on the cob, corn bread and popcorn, there’s no place for corn syrup in their beer.

The message trashes corn syrup as the cheap way out.

“My royal accountant actually tried to get me to brew with corn syrup to save money,” the note states. “But, even though corn syrup is less expensive, we brew with rice, along with the finest hops, barley, and water.”

Bud then takes another shot at Coors Light and Miller Lite. “Anyway, not saying you’re being ungrateful or anything,” the scroll reads, “but the next time one of your barrels of corn syrup accidentally shows up, you can come get it yourself!”