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Bud Light Super Bowl ad brags of not using corn syrup — but no one is impresssed


In a Super Bowl ad, a medieval Bud Light brewery tries to find the rightful owner of a corn syrup delivery since the brand doesn't contain the additive. (Bud Light)

This isn’t the response Bud Light hoped to brew.

The beer brand’s Super Bowl ad bashing competitors’ use of corn syrup fell flat and came off as well, corny, to most.

Besides that fact that Bud Light is so far ahead of the six-pack in sales that it seems tacky to ferment rivalry, there’s also the question of whether those who indulge even care about the additive.

“Anybody else think Bud Light is slightly overestimating how much people who drink Bud Light care about corn syrup?,” comedian Pat Tomasulo tweeted.

Others trashed the taste of Bud Light, with or without corn syrup.

“I’ve tasted Bud Light. Maybe they should try using corn syrup,” TV personality and comedian Steve Hofstetter wrote.

Bud Light boasts that it contains no corn syrup in a Super Bowl ad.
Bud Light boasts that it contains no corn syrup in a Super Bowl ad. (Bud Light)

The commercial takes aim at at Miller Lite and Coors Light, two brands that Bud Light outsells by a landslide. More than 33 millions barrels of Bud Light were shipped in 2017, according to a recent analysis by the financial news site 24/7 Wall St., compared to 16.5 million barrels of Coors Light and 13.1 million barrels of Miller Lite.

The ad, which ran during the big game Sunday night, begins in a medieval brewery where a woman points to a huge barrel of corn syrup that was just delivered.

“That’s not ours, we don’t brew Bud Light with corn syrup,” the Bud Light King declares.

The woman points out that Miller Lite uses corn syrup, and so they set out on an uphill journey to deliver the barrel to its rightful owner.

Once the Bud crew arrives at Miller Light castle, the King announces, “Oh, brewers of Miller Lite, we received your corn syrup by mistake.”

But they’re turned away by someone who says, “That’s not our corn syrup. We received our shipment this morning. Try the Coors Light castle. They also use corn syrup.”

After an even more difficult journey that passes a volcano, sees an armor-clad guy get struck by lightning and shows the Bud Light ship under attack by a giant octopus, they arrive at the snowy Coors Light castle.

“Looks like the corn syrup has come home to be brewed,” a Coors Light guard says. “To be clear, we brew Coors Light with corn syrup.”

The Bud Light King delivers corn syrup to the Coors Light castle in a 2019 Super Bowl ad.
The Bud Light King delivers corn syrup to the Coors Light castle in a 2019 Super Bowl ad. (Bud Light)

Coors Light and Miller Lite are both run by Molson Coors Brewing Company.

“Hey Bud Light, thanks for including us in our first Super Bowl ad in over 20 years,” Miller Lite tweeted after the ad aired. “You forgot two things though... we have more taste and half the carbs!”

And the slighted beers brands weren’t the only ones angered by Bud Light, which is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev.

The National Corn Growers Association tweeted, “@BudLight America’s corn farmers are disappointed in you...We would love to discuss with you the many benefits of corn! Thanks @MillerLight and @CoorsLite for supporting our industry.”

MillerCoors also pointed out that while its brews are made with corn syrup — which is made from corn starch and used in foods to soften texture, prevent sugar crystallization and enhance flavor — at least it’s not high fructose corn syrup, a sweetener that’s further processed to convert some of the glucose into fructose.

“At MillerCoors, we're proud of our high-quality, great-tasting beers,” MillerCoors tweeted. “We're also proud that none of our products include any high fructose corn syrup, while a number of Anheuser-Busch products do.”