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BTS Jimin’s Cotton Candy Hair Earns Him A New Nickname

BTS‘s Jimin recently received a new nickname from ARMYs when he emerged with a brand new hair color.

In BTS’s recent concept photo for their upcoming single, “Butter,” many of the members debuted new hairstyles including Jimin’s slicked-back cotton candy hairdo.

The mixture of various pastel colors gave him a stark resemblance to one of nature’s stunning creatures.

Known as a white-browed tit-warbler (화채작앵 in Korean), the gorgeous bird has previously gone viral on social media for its beautiful rainbow appearance.

Despite looking like the result of photoshop, the multi-colored bird is 100% real and dwells in various parts of Asia.

The uncanny resemblance between the colors of the two has left ARMYs placing them side-by-side.

Once you see it, you can’t unsee Jimin!

Additionally, the news of Jimin’s unique hair color made him trend worldwide on Twitter.

ARMYs are excited for more teaser photos from “Butter” to be released soon!

Source: TheQoo


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